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Boat Parking Reservation

RV and Boat Parking Policy, Lakeside HOA

Goal: to ensure that all residents and their guests have an opportunity to park their boats and recreational vehicle while on vacation, without turning Lakeside into a short term storage yard.

Underlying Philosophy: there are 73 shared (?) parking slots onsite, in addition to the covered and garage spaces provided for each unit. These shared parking slots are intended to serve all owners and guests equally. Large vehicles such as boats and RV’s create a disproportionate demand on this shared space due to their size and appearance, and therefore must be managed differently from other vehicles. In addition, the visual effect of a large number of long-term-stored vehicles is detrimental to the perceived value of a cumulative $30million+ property.


  • - All owners and guests are permitted to park an RV or boat for a total of 2 weeks without paying a fee . The 2 weeks can consist of individual days, weekends or anything up to a contiguous 2-week period.

  • - After 2 weeks, RV and boat owners will be charged $15 / day to store their RV or boat onsite

  • - RV’s and boats must be parked in one of the 10 designated spots shown on the attached map

  • - Standard vehicles are not permitted to park in the designated boat parking spots (this means cars, pick-ups, SUVs and any vehicles less than 22-ft long)

  • - RV’s and boats must be appropriately sized and parked so that they do not damage adjacent landscaping or infrastructure, and do not project into traffic areas

  • - RV and boat owners are not permitted to exchange or assign parking / storage permits from other residents

  • - Reservations for all RV’s and boats must be made through Core Management

  • - 10 parking spaces will be designated for use by boats and RV’s (and will be signed / posted accordingly)

Who: All owners, guests (or property managers) must make a reservation for the specific days they wish to park an RV or boat at Lakeside

When: this parking policy will be in effect year round

Reservation Process:

Reservations will be made by completing an online form and submitting to Core Management (http:// www.lakesidevillagehomeowners.com choose Parking Stall)
Core will send a confirmation subject to payment of the expected parking fee
Payment will be permitted via Paypal, linked directly to a Lakeside Village account

After receiving payment, Core will provide a parking pass containing the following information

  1. Name of person being issued the parking permit

  2. Unit number

  3. Telephone number

  4. License/description of RV

  5. Dates of parking permit

  6. Assigned space number

-Pass must be posted on or in the vehicle in a location visible from outside the vehicle.
-Questions about this policy should be directed to corecommunitymanagement@gmail.com
**Note: parking spots # 1 & 2 will not be available after October 1, 2016 due to the new garbage truck route

Boat Parking #1

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